I started my calligraphy journey in fifth grade during a forty-five minute class on “Explore More Day”. Flash forward to 2013 when I got engaged, and I knew I wanted to incorporate calligraphy into my big day. I took a one-day calligraphy class and practiced my little heart out. I addressed all of my invitation envelopes and created calligraphy escort cards. I really didn't think about making calligraphy into a full-time business until a few years later. I got laid off from my executive assistant job, and then went full-time for a year at Northern Illinois University to finish my Bachelor's Degree.

A few months after I graduated, I had my second child and was looking for a way to stay home but still have a creative outlet (and hey, make some money out of it!) I set up my wedding calligraphy business and told myself that if I failed within a year, I would go out and get a desk job. Well, not a couple weeks later and I had a signed contract with my first couple! It's been a whirlwind of a few years, but I am still in LOVE with my job and all the people I have met through it. I also teach calligraphy classes with Sip & Script and enjoy sharing my craft with others who want to learn this art.

I have been published in multiple magazines and blogs, most notably the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog (DREAM come true!) My passion is for my lovely couples’ weddings and making their Pinterest boards come to life! I love calligraphy because you truly never stop learning, and you can always keep improving your style. Life is hectic, but I love sitting down and carving out time to write and create. It truly is therapeutic for me!

 When I’m not practicing calligraphy, you will most likely find me cheering on my boys in baseball, bingeing on a show with my husband or sipping on some Tito’s in my pool.


About  Jess

Want to know more about me?

-I am a crazy plant lady. I went from killing everything to being obsessed with house plants. My front room needs more surfaces to hoard more plants (my husband would disagree with this statement). This is why my logo had to have some sort of plant on it! I also have a garden just to make flower bouquets! It's one of my favorite parts of summer.

-My husband and I are polar opposites. He's a nuclear engineer and I majored in Liberal Arts. We balance each other out though, it's been good for both of us!

-I met my husband at work. He was the nerdy engineer and I was the fun executive assistant. Essentially it was like the show The Big Bang Theory but real life.

-I have two border collie mixes. We are Star Wars fans, so their names are Leia and Jango. #IYKYK

-I'm 100% a baseball mom. You'll see me every weekend cheering on my boys on a baseball field. I love the game, even though I never played.

-I was a theater/speech team/show choir kid in high school. Those skills have definitely come in handy for teaching, it's like my own little stage a few times a month and I love it!

-I'm half Korean, but I have zero Korean culture since my mom was adopted into a caucasian family. I learned all my Korean heritage from one of my good friends that's Korean. Now I love kimchi, bulgogi and everything Korean skin care haha!

-I am a co-leader of our moms outreach program at my church. I love planning fun things for the moms to do during our meetings twice a month. (And also having a warm breakfast with HOT coffee without my kids for 2 hours). 


TV show:
Parks and Recreation

Garbage Reality Show:
The Bachelor


Design style:
Mid-Century Modern

Swiss Cheese Plant


Vampire Weekend

Our 97' Jeep Wrangler

Nail Color:
Cajun Shrimp by OPI


Tito's with club soda & extra lime

Vietnamese or Thai

Calligraphy Job:

Disney Ride:
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Sarah J. Maas

Legally Blonde

Date Night Activity:
Going to see an improv or stand up comedy show

Leia and Jango

Baseball  Season

The Family

Flower Bouquet From my  Garden